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By Charlotte Martin

Charlotte started Fruitbat Textiles in 2015 after graduating from the University for the Creative Arts with a BA(hons) in Textiles for Fashion and Interiors.

Charlotte has a passion for traditional skilled crafts, British fibres and the countryside. 

These are the core values of the business has been built on and remain to this day.

Fabric Options

All of our fabrics are hand dyed and woven using British made yarns.

We use three different wool yarns depending on the finished product.


Our scarves are normally created with a beautiful British lambswool which is gorgeously soft against the skin with a lovely drape to it.

For a slightly chunkier scarf, we use a lovely Somerset wool. Not quite as soft but really cosy and much thicker.


Most of our other products are made from a slightly finer and smoother  wool. This means it doesn't felt as easily so its perfect for ties and Flat Caps that are going to experience much more friction in the their use.


In terms of design, we have two main options for our wholesale customers:

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Option 1

Our hand painted fabrics.

These are all one off as it is difficult to recreate exactly the same outcome each time.

We can design custom colour pallets with you, bespoke to your store or brand.


Option 2

Our classic check or herringbone design can be repeated as many times as required, for as long as you need!

You can be sure that every time you order a specific colour way, it will look just the same as it did the last time - we've designed it for just that!


Our scarves are available in 2 sizes:


Small - 25cm x 200cm plus tassels

Wholesale - £57


Medium - 50cm x 200cm plus tassels

Wholesale - £117


(also available with a hemmed edges)


A really lovely, easy to wear alternative to the scarves.

Also available in 2 sizes. Both made from just under a meter long piece of fabric.


Small - 25cm deep

Wholesale - £30


Medium - 50cm deep

Wholesale - £45

Flat Caps

Our flat caps have been a customer favourite from day one!

Our pattern means the back of our flat caps is a little deeper than many traditional caps making them feel really comfortable and secure.


Available in sizes 56cm - 61cm

Wholesale - £57

Smaller Accessories

Our range of smaller accessories are perfect if your'e looking for some little gift ideas or don't have a lot of space available!

Just as much care and attention to detail goes in to the smaller items as the big ones.


Ear warmer headbands - Hand made with our hand dyed and woven fabric on the outside, lined with a 100% natural lambswool fleece fabric, with elasticated back to fit a wide range of head sizes.

Wholesale - £16.20


Cufflinks - Available with either antique gold or silver plated bases. 

Wholesale - £12


Padded headbands - All made with our hand dyed and woven fabrics, hand sewn and stuffed with offcuts from a local sheeps fleece.

Wholesale - £21

Wrap headbands - Again, made with strips of our hand dyed and woven fabrics wrapped around the same headband base as the padded headbands. Many of our customers have commented on how comfortable our headbands are! 

Wholesale - £13.50


We work our minimum order requirements in a slightly different way than you might be used to.

As it's the fabric that takes the most time to make, we ask for a minimum order of 5 products per fabric design. (Unless you are just ordering our smaller accessories. The minimum order of 5 items still applies but they don't have to be in the same fabric choices).

These don't all have to be the same product - it could  be all different products if you wanted!


Our lead time is 6 to 8 weeks (this may vary depending on the size of the order or during peak times of the year. Exact time scale will be confirmed once we know  the size of your order)


We offer exclusivity to our stockists within a 25 mile radius.



You are able to request samples to see both colour options and yarn choices. Just get in touch using the details.

Email: Fruitbattextiles@gmail.com

Phone: 07525618653

Website: www.fruitbattextiles.co.uk

Wholesale Fabric Options

Below are the fabric designs and colour ways we have designed specifically to be completely repeatable and are available in any of our yarn and product choices. Please note we are still developing our collection of wholesale fabrics, so more colour ways will become available over the course of 2020.

Black & Green Herringbone
Navy & Green Herringbone
Port & Green Herringbone
Gold & Green Herringbone
Russet & Green Herringbone
Yellow & Green Herringbone
Natural & Navy Herringbone
Light Grey & Navy Herringbone
Gold & Navy Herringbone
Orange & Navy Herringbone
Red & Navy Herringbone
Magenta & Navy Herringbone
Green, Yellow & Black Check
Red, Orange & Black Check
Green & Russet Check
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