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The Product Bag of Dreams

I thought it was about time you all got a proper introduction to our product bags, as almost all of your purchases will now come in one of them! (If they don't come in one it's because they come in an equally as lovely gift box!)

You see, the reason our new product bags deserve their own blog post is because they are no ordinary products bags!

Anyone who knows our brand probably wont find this much of a surprise, as you'll know how much we love to hand craft our unique products, from start to finish, on site! The same thing goes for these bags! (Though we did cheat a little, the fabric is bought in, it would take far too long to weave all the fabric for the bags AND the products!!)

So, to start with you may be interested to know where we got the idea of presenting our products in draw string bags. Well, this idea came to me during the first lockdown. I spent 6 weeks voluntarily making scrubs for the NHS and bags to put them in - drawstring bags! Before then, I don't think I ever realised just how simple they are to make. As I neatly folded and packed a set of scrubs in it coordinating bag I had a bit of a lightbulb moment..... 'I could make these for my scarves etc!' And so the cogs started wiring!!

After much research I found a fab cotton calico fabric that's ethically and sustainably made from recycled cotton fibres, perfect!! It came its is natural colouring too, so could be dyed!!

I'd obviously thought about how it could be branded, like most products bags are, but the more I looked in to it, the more complicated it got and, to be completely honest, I couldn't decide which idea I liked best! Then I thought I could hand paint the fabric to reflect the gorgeous colours in my logo!

Combined with my branded tissue paper and stickers inside I felt this was a subtle nod to my brand without totally giving the game away too soon if the products inside were given as a gift, as my products so often are!

One of the things I absolutely love about the hand painting techniques, both in my products and in the bags, is the unpredictability and the uniqueness this brings to every single individual piece. Every single product bag is as special and individual as the product inside it!

So, once the fabric is hand dyed, dried and pressed in is then sewn into a bag, each one made especially for the product thats going in it to ensure each one is the perfect size!

Lastly the ribbon is threaded through the channels at the top to create the drawstring. The ribbons we use are made from recycled plastic bottles!! You'd never know though, its still totally gorgeous and silky!

And there you have it, out totally sustainable and ethically produced product bags. Not only do they really help create a fabulous experience for you guys, they are also really handy!! Use them afterwards for years to come! Either for storing your product when its not being used, or for any other bits and bobs! It's a little gift all in itself, from us to you to thank you for your support, and we are SO proud of them!

Thank you for your continued support everyone, speak soon!

Charlotte X

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