Fruitbat Textiles is Moving!!

Hello everyone,

Hope you are all well and have survived all the snow and what have you - what a crazy month its been!

So, you may or may not have heard that the Fruitbat Textiles studio is on the move, but don't worry, we aren't going too far - just to the building next door in fact. Officially starting from the 1st May you will find us at Unit 3 on the Rose Mills Industrial estate instead of unit 1.

But before we start working from there, there is a lot of work to be done. The new building, originally built as part of the Victorian water powered Lace Mill, has been an animal feed place most recently and so I'm sure you can imagine, its not quite in the condition we require.

I won't be on my own over there, you'll also find 'Glassification' on the ground floor (you may recognise the name as Liz currently resides at Unit 1 Rose Mills too!) and on the top floor and brand new business!! 'Glow' will be offering a wide range of beauty and holistic therapy treatments ( so if you can't find us in our studio you'll probably find us up stairs or across the way in F.east haha!).

So the three of us are very excited about our amazing new space that is basically a complete blank canvas at the moment. We are able to get in and start the renovations on the 1st April - in just 10 days!!!

Now this is where you guys come in. The work required to get my space up to scratch, not just aesthetically, but practically, is going to require some funds, that unfortunately neither me personally, nor the business has available.

So I am launching a Crowdfunded campaign to help the the costs required. This goes live on Monday 26th - yep, in 4 sleeps!!!

I can not even express how eternally grateful I would be for anyone able to donate or pledge to the cause.

In return for your pledges I'm offering things such as invites to the opening event (Date to be confirmed), money off workshops, money off bespoke flat caps, bargain prices for subscription boxes etc. etc...

You can read more details about the campaign, including the work that needs doing and what deals you can get your mits on over on the crowdfunded page:

Now if your able to do your pledge on Monday, even better - if I manage to get a good percentage of my target raised on the first day, it gets my campaign seen by more people!

Another thing to note is that this campaign is all or nothing, so if I don't manage to reach my target of £2,000 in the two weeks the campaign is running, I do not get a single penny!!!

Anyway, get on over to the page and have a nosey, hopefully you'll see something you like the sounds of, if not for yourself then maybe as a gift for a loved one!

A massive massive thank you in advance, feel free to share with anyone you think might be interested and get your computers and payment cards at the ready for Monday!

Have a great weekend,

much love

Charlotte x

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