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Our 'Intro to Weaving' workshop and materials only kit contains all the materials needed to start your weaving journey as well as our 'Intro to Weaving' video tutorial where Charlotte shows you how to prep your yarn, set up the loom and different weaving techniques you can use to create fun textures and colour combinations. Lastly Charlotte shows you how to remover your weaving from your frame loom and turn it into a beautiful gift or piece of home decoration! - All you will need is an old photo frame or shoe box to weave on!


This kit contains:

2 x 50m Skeins of hand dyed/ painted yarn

2 x 50m Skeins of textured yarn.

2 x 50m Skeins of cotton warping yarn

As well as a selection of ribbons, fabric off cuts, beads and wire to add some fun elements to your weaving. 

And your video tutorial. You will need to make sure we have an email address for you so we can send you the link to the workshop.


Each kit has a unique combination of yarn so the colours and textures you receive may vary from the images above.


This price is fo one kit. If you are purchasing more than one please use code 'Workshop20' at the checkout to receive a 20% discount.

'Intro to Weaving' Workshop & Materials Only Kit

Painted Yarn