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Winter Headbands / Ear Warmers

I, personally, could not live without my winter headbands in the cooler months. They are perfect for keeping that cold wind out of your ears but not making you overheat, as the top of your head is still open. 

All of our winter headbands are hand crafted with our own unique hand dyed and woven fabrics, lined with a 100% natural sheeps fleece fabric for extra warmth and comfort. They all have an elasticated back so they fit comfortably for a large variety of head sizes. 

There are many head warmers out on the market, but no others like ours, due to our wonderfully unique fabrics! 

Each one is completely unique and skilfully hand crafted with quality British made yarns. We always have a great range in stock but if you cant see quite what you are looking for we always love creating bespoke pieces for you. 

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