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Discontinued Products

We love all of the products we make! However, sometimes the difficult decision to stop making some of them has to be made. We want to make sure we are always making items that are relevant to our customers and their lifestyle.

But, when we still have stock of these items left over, we don't want them to go to waste!! So this page is your chance to grab a bargain with a selection of reduced items.

We don't tend to partake in sales due to the nature of how our products are made, so this is basically your only chance to. take advantage of some BIG discounts! I'm really only looking to cover my costs with these pieces, and clear the space for fresh new makes!

As with all of our products, each piece is one off, even more so as we won't be making these products anymore moving forward - It's your LAST CHANCE to get your hands on the following...

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